Samsung On7 Pro Orio Update (Android O) Download, Features, News

After the launch of official Andoid Orio or O we are expecting to try it on our devices as soon as possible. And today we are going to give a good news for all. Yes, finally you are going to get Samsung On7 Pro Orio update. This is the currently the latest Android version you can get today. This comes with amazing features and better performance than old versions. If you want to know about the features you are going to get with this new Samsung On7 Pro Android Orio update then just look at below.

Samsung On7 Pro Orio Update Download & Features

You may be wondering when you are going to get new android orio update on Samsung On7 Pro. Official statement from Samsung says you will get these updates withing next 3-4 weeks. And here are some feature you will get on your Samsung On7 Pro after updating it.

Samsung On7 Pro Orio Update

1. Notification Channels

Now applications will have different categories for the notifications they show, and which ones are displayed and how is up to the user to define. YouTube app is of the example of how this feature will work. Check out below image for more clear idea about Samsung On7 Pro Orio Update.


There are 3 categories of notification in YouTube with new Android Oreo. Two of those categories are handled by your Android on a per phone setting and the 3rd is a section of account based settings like notifications of highlighted videos or when someone you subscribe to uploads a new video. If you on one of the categories, you have fine-tuning controls like importance, what sound they should play if sounds are ON, whether they should show an icon notification badge and more.

2. Notification Badges

All are familiar with “Notification Dots” that some manufacturers add to their apps and third-party home replacements bring to any phone. With new Android O they are now part of the OS and won’t rely on a other solution.

When you have a notification for an app that you haven’t checked yet, the app’s icon will display a small colored dot in the upper-right corner. These won’t replace existing solutions from apps like G mail, so you’ll be able to keep using what you already enjoy. Check out below picture for more information about Samsung On7 Pro orio update after download.


3. Notification Snoozing

Sometimes you don’t want a notification to close, but you aren’t able to check an app right away. Notification snoozing lets you postpone things. Long pressing on a notification and sliding it to the right now gives you a timer icon in addition to the settings icon we’ve been seeing since Android Marshmallow.

Tapping on it removes the notification from your tray but doesn’t mark it as “read”, and after a set amount of time, it will come back. Notifications reappear with the same level of importance they first appeared with so you’ll hear a sound of it will peek if you have it set to do so.

Checking an app from another location (like your tablet) can remove a snoozed notification, and they can be updated without reappearing — if you were to snooze a Gmail notification, another new email wouldn’t bring it back until the time is up.

Check out below image for more information about Samsung On7 Pro orio update.

Notification snoozing

4. Background Colors

Notification can have a selected background colors, including different colors for each notification category. Google suggests that this is used only for “ongoing tasks which are critical for a user to see at a glance” like driving directions in the Maps app or an ongoing phone call.

The color can be preset by the developer, or dynamic as we see in media players with persistent notifications. This can make any ongoing notification stand out so you won’t have to scroll through a long list to see them. It also places a lot of responsibility on app developers to make sure their notifications don’t clash with any theming of the notification tray.

Check out the below photo for more information.


5. Messaging style improvements

Notifications can now provide more information in both collapsed and expanded forms. These changes were designed for your favorite messaging app. With Android Oreo, it can give quick reply bubbles when collapsed, or give message history when expanded. This is a great way to give rich notifications a little context. If you can’t remember the previous messages in a conversation, you no longer have to open the app to read the most recent ones.

Messaging style improvements

These are some of the major features you will get after Samsung On7 Pro orio update. There other many small changes and some are even major. Soon you can test them all on your smartphone. You can download update as soon as you receive notification in your mobile. So that’s all for now and see you again!